Virginia college students do not always understand the impact of their actions. For example, many do not know how DUIs can affect a college career. To some students, a DUI charge is easy to combat. But that is not always the case.

Today we will look at how students face these charges. We will see what happens if convicted of a DUI related crime. We will take a close look at the way a conviction may affect the rest of your time in college.

Colleges may cut financial support

The College Investor discusses how DUI convictions change the course of a college student’s life. The first thing they point out is how a college can change financial support due to DUIs. It is somewhat rare for a college to oust a student because of a DUI conviction. But there are other ways to get a student to leave. For example, if a college provides you with financial support, they may cut it. This includes scholarships, financial rewards and more.

Being barred from on-campus housing

A college can also bar you from on-campus housing. This forces students to find housing off-campus. For many, this makes college difficult to attend. You need to pay out of pocket for non-campus housing costs. You also need a car or another form of transport to get to campus. This pushes even more expenses onto a student.

Finally, college life is all about making connections. So what happens if you cannot drive or attend social events with ease? You may miss out on golden opportunities. You could even miss job prospects and career chances. This loss may devastate students. On a whole, any of these issues can uproot a college student’s experience.