The various types of child abuse get a lot of attention in the press, but neglect is just as pervasive of a problem in American society. Neglect is technically a form of abuse, but it is unique enough to categorize it separately.

Neglect can come in several different forms. According to Findlaw, the three main varieties are physical, educational and psychological neglect.

How are these types of neglect different?

The most common form of neglect is physical neglect. This is when the basic physical needs of a child are not attended to. These may include a lack of appropriate shelter, sanitary living conditions, food or clothing. Depending on the age of child, lack of supervision may also be a form of physical neglect.

Educational neglect is when the guardians fail to either enroll the child in school or actively deny the child access to home education opportunities. In many cases, educational neglect is a result of the guardians wishing the child to work rather than attend school.

Psychological neglect is the most difficult to categorize. For example, a lack of affection can be a form of psychological neglect. Isolating the child from peers may also be psychological neglect.

Is my child suffering from neglect?

If you think that your child may be subject to a form of neglect or if you are facing potential charges for child neglect, it is important to seek assistance for both yourself and the child. Remove the child from the situation as quickly as possible.

Neglect can be a difficult action to prove or disprove, so expert advice on the subject is paramount.